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If your roof is old and dingy, it will not make a good impression on you. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. If it is not maintained well you will lose your property value.

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The curb appeal decreases and the longevity of your roof decreases as well. To extract the algae, lichen, and moss, we will use a soft pressure system that dispenses cleaning solution and mildly cleans your roof. Our team of experts spent over a year researching the best roof cleaning agent to clear all debris correctly and safely. With our roof cleaning services in Cypress, Texas, you can stop the damage and prolong the life of your roofing system. You’ll see results almost immediately! The algae will be gone by the time our truck leaves your house, and the lichen and moss will be washed off with pressure washers. You will see a completely new look on your roof.

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When you hire Cypress Pressure Washing Pros , you stop the deterioration of your roof and increase the lifespan of your roof. Increase the value of your house in the event of an assessment or sale with proper cleaning done by us. Our thorough cleaning controls mold, prevents asthma, and flu-like symptoms by sanitizing the roof. Restore the color of your roof to its original state with soft washing. Make your home’s curb appeal stand out. Make your roof appear to be brand new.

Routine roof cleaning not only saves you money by keeping your roof in good working order, improving the appearance of your home, catching minor repairs before they turn into major problems, and extending the life of your roofing system, but it also protects you and your family.

When you employ us to clean your roof, we also clean the exterior of your house, including your front door, walkways, driveway, and stucco. Many viruses that are spread by contact and live on surfaces on the exterior of your house that are often visited by people, including you and your relatives, are killed by our solution. It only takes a few spores to land on your shingles for the bacteria to replicate and spread, resulting in black streaks and stains. If not treated, these stains will worsen over time.

The color is usually white or grey, but it may also be brown or yellow. Lichen is a fungus and green algae hybrid. Lichen grows on the shingle granites, attaching itself to them and loosening them from the fiberglass matting. It’s almost always green in color, and if left unchecked, it’ll be visible from the street. Pressure washing or power washing is the best cleaning solution for your roof. We use a moderate power pressure washer to not harm the granules that protect your roof from UV light. We will apply solutions to prevent future growth of algae spores.

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If you want to keep your roof safe and always looking beautiful, get proper cleaning done. We are licensed roof cleaning technicians who promise you quality cleaning. Give us a call today to get a free estimate.

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